South London Alliance Church seeks to be an indigenous evangelical church with a distinctive theological character in federation with the Chinese Alliance Churches Union (UK) (abbreviated to CACU), whose purpose is to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord,  to assist the advance of His Church in Great Britain, and to promote a missionary base for national and worldwide evangelisation in an affiliation with the Alliance World Fellowship.

The C&MA, which was founded in 1881 by Dr. A.B. Simpson is a reputable evangelical international mission and revival movement that operates in 54 countries. Aiming at achieving a global mission,
the C&MA currently deploys about 1,200 full time missionaries to engage in worldwide church
planting ministry. The CACU (UK) as a partner of the C&MA in Great Britain, was founded in 1997 to implement mission work among the Chinese communities in Great Britain. At the beginning of the movement, the C&MA signified its insight of the fourfold Gospel (viz., Jesus Christ is our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King) by the use of an emblem which comprises:

– The Cross — symbolises the sacrifice of Jesus for the redemption of believers;
– The Laver — symbolises the sanctification of Jesus through the Spirit in the believers;
– The Pitcher — symbolises the healing power of Jesus through the Spirit for the believers;
– The Crown — symbolises the expected physical return of Jesus as King and Lord.