chinese new year card draftLatest News: 

  1. There will be a Lunar New Year Evangelistic Meeting. A meal
    will be afterwards. Please invite family and friends. Please
    sign the form provided.
  2. Please “like” the Facebook of SLAC. Thanks.
  3. CACUUK Easter Retreat:
    Date: 29-31 March,2018
    Theme: Preach the Good News Together
    Speaker: Dr. Milton Wan
    Venue: Cloverley Hall, Shropshire
    Travel: Church subsidy
    Application form requested from Rev. Sham.
  4. CAWF organizes a Mission Conference for Young Christians in
    Thailand. Date is from 11/7 to 20/7. Those age between 18 to
    30 mature Christians have the priority. Those who are
    interested please contact Rev. or Mrs. Sham. CACUUK
    supports half of the full fare.

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